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Solo Exhibitions


Trans + Formation

Palazzo Mora Venice Biennial

Curator: Ermanno Tedeschi and Vera Pilpoul. May 2023.

עמי שנער, אברהם בלבן  סקיצות תל אביביות  4.jpg

Tel Aviv Sketches: Paintings by Ami Shinar,  texts by Avraham Balaban

Curator: Vera Pilpoul & Dana Gordon.  Nov. 11, 2020 - Dec. 31. 2020, in Architects' House Gallery, Jaffa. The show is  part of Tel Aviv Illustration Week.



Tel Aviv Co-Living

Curator: Vera Pilpul,  July 7th, - Aug 15, 2020, Artists House, Tel Aviv.

invitation 2014.jpg

Maximum Allowable Load

Curator: Bosmat Hareuveni, Zezeze Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2014.


My Tel Aviv, Circolo del Design Torino

Curator: Ermanno Tedeschi and Vera Pilpoul. Nov 2022.

לך לך - עמי שנער, טקסט.jpg

Go לֶךְ-לְךָ

Curator: Vera Pilpoul,  March 20th, - Apr 17th, 2021, Artists House, Rishon



Troubled Spaces

Curator Ahuva Israel, Montefiore Auction House Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2016.

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