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Ami Shinar, artist and architect, born and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, graduated Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technion, practiced in Boston (1985 - 1990) and upon returning to Israel was nominated as Head Architect of the Ministry of Housing and Construction.

Since 1991, established with architect Amir Mann a leading architectural firm , Mann Shinar Architects, responsible for many award winning projects - see:


 Coming soon: "Trans+Formation" exhibition in Venice 2023 Architecture Biennial

in Palazzo Mora, 20 May until 26 November, 2023.

Shinar's recent solo exhibition was "My Tel Aviv" in Circolo del Design, Torino (2022).


Ami Shinar's paintings and drawings depict  the ever changing urban fabric (see: Tel Aviv scapes) and its back yard (Suzuki series), industrial areas such as Haifa Port piers and cranes , sea-scapes and more.

In 2022 Ami Shinar and author Avraham Balaban publishe "Tel Aviv Sketches" book, (in Hebrew) with 150 painting and drawings of the city, its views and people.


Ami created also many portraits as well as town scapes drawn in different cities during the last 30 years, among which are Boston, Porto, Tokyo, Beijing, Delhi, Dublin, as well as many towns in Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Malta, and more.

See New for upcoming exhibition in 2023 biennial  in Venice.

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